Novemeber 28, 2022 - Written by Eric Murr



First off, if you have ever done any direct mail (or even considered it), and haven’t used geofencing or geo-farming as part of your marketing efforts, it’s like being in the construction business using a hammer when a pneumatic nail gun is available.

Let me say it another way:

If you sold golf apparel, would you be interested in sending ads to the mobile phones of golfers on every golf course in your territory?

If you sold software to restaurateurs, would you be interested in sending ads specifically to the 5,000 decision makers on their mobile phones at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago?

If you run a baseball camp, would you like your ad to appear on the phones of every person shopping in the baseball section of the #1 sporting goods retailer in town?

This is what geofencing and geo-farming does. Ads go to Mobile phones, tablets, or desktops in precise geographically relevant locations. The geofencing is the act of designating where the ads go. The geo-farming monitors the activity of those who receive the ads.

Cool, right? Plus, this kind of digital marketing is usually in the $5-$8 CPM range, which makes it not only some of the lowest cost media you can buy, but potentially some of the most effective, given its ability to target custom audiences, and analyze their responsiveness.

This method also offers you the wonderful ability to test the performance of ads through comparing size formats (aspect ratios), digital environments (desktop versus mobile), and messaging (A/B testing of creative).

But I will warn you…while the potential here is tremendous, to do this right, you can’t just “set it and forget it.” So much of digital marketing holds tremendous promise, but it’s only in the optimizing of it when one can really take full advantage of this potential.

As marketers and entrepreneurs, you deal with so many responsibilities, and studying and adjusting campaigns continuously is very time consuming, so you may want experts to assist you. Not because you aren’t capable of doing it yourself, but because your time is limited. So be sure to do your research and remember that all tools, regardless of how powerful they are, require proper use and regular evaluation. But if you can properly use these tools, they can be highly effective, and it’s worth the effort.

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Written by Eric Murr - Novemeber 28, 2022