March 10, 2021 - Written by Jennifer

What Billboard Advertising Message Works the Best?      

Anticipating what 2021 will look like for your kitchen or flooring business? As the pandemic continues to keep more Americans at home, homeowners are reevaluating their living spaces. Couple this with low mortgage and home equity financing rates and it creates the perfect mix of homeowners ready for a refresh! The online home remodeling platform Houzz reports that nearly all homeowners (94%) renovating their kitchens also improve the cabinetry in some way. Most (63%) are replacing the cabinets entirely, while 1 in 3 opt for a partial cabinet upgrade.


Photo: HGTV

Are you looking to capitalize on the surge yet don’t know what advertising will work? Billboard advertising is a fantastic way to market your kitchen cabinets or flooring business and we are happy to share these billboard advertising tips!


The most important thing for your business is to make sure that YOU ARE BEING CONSIDERED AS A VIABLE OPTION along a customer’s path to purchase?! You may ask yourself 1) Does the consumer know my business exists? 2) Is my brand one the consumer wants to do business with? 3) Why would a consumer choose me versus another business? Thinking objectively about where you stand in the market determines what your billboard message could look like.


Here are 4 approaches to use on your billboard advertising message:

  1. Do they know your business exists? If they don’t know your name, they likely won’t be able to find you easily with competing online Pay-per-click campaigns! Billboards drive 4 times more online activity per ad spend according to Nielsen’s findings. Are you a new(er) business? Are you expanding your service to neighboring markets? How strong is your name recognition with that market? Consider going SIMPLE and BOLD with the name of your business to increase your brand awareness! If you are well known within the community and ready to invigorate your marketing efforts while the market is hot, using a professional photo of a predominant employee or the business owner on your billboard advertising message reminds them of your business presence.

  2. If you have you been in business awhile, do you have good customer ratings? Leverage your excellent service by boasting about your 5 star customer ratings on your billboard! Another approach could be to choose one or a few strong words that represent your business –i.e., Excellence, Exceptional, Done Right the First Time! Remind them you are experts!

  3. Why choose your business? What is your Unique Selling Proposition? (U.S.P.) What does Unique Selling Proposition even mean? U.S.P. is the most compelling, believable message of relevance to the greatest percentage of your target audience. For instance, consider flooring - cool tones, lights, greys, and high variations are trending. Showcase this feature along with ‘NOW AVAILABLE!’ for your digital billboard advertising message.

    Photo: Villo Home

  4. It’s your time to show off in a big way! Invest in good photos! (This is always true by the way!) Show off what you can do (and be sure it’s what your target audience wants!) According to Home and Garden’s Kitchen Trends 2021, it’s the year for wood tones and darker painted islands and cabinets with gold accents. Give your audience something to drool over!

    Photo: HGTV

Choosing billboard advertising for your kitchen or flooring company can make your business stand out in a BIG WAY! What billboard advertising messaging ideas are you considering? If you want to talk to one of our expert consultants about messaging or billboard advertising placement to help your business, click here!

Written by Jennifer - March 10, 2021