October 6, 2022 - written by Shay

Artificial Intelligence: A New World Of Possibilities

AI is a scary topic for most people – usually. Movies like Wall-E, Terminator, and Ex Machina paint the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a system that should be feared, whereas the subject of whether it could be used for good is rarely placed in the equation. AI can be utilized by humanity in a variety of ways; some are already being used at this very moment while others are currently being put into processes. This includes the utilization of AI artwork.

AI art is a conundrum in the sense that its existence is something profound. AI is still developing and advancing its capabilities. To many artists, AI is seen as a threat to the security and stability of the creative world, however, if utilized correctly, it could become a breakthrough to new realms of creativity. Remember when Dall-E mini hit the scene? That was a form of AI art, utilized by the internet in meme-making. However, once apps like MIdjourney.ai were introduced to the market, artists began to sweat.

Midjourney.ai is a software ported through Discord that operates the same way most “.AI” ports do – The artist compiles styles and works of art into a data cloud and the AI pulls from this cloud of data to create images based on keywords written. For example, inserting the prompt: “red balloon with a dreamy style” will create a red balloon with a surreal style.

The question that remains is: What makes an artist? Usually, the title of artist is reserved for someone who creates “things” of artistic value. While art is subjective in the eyes that view it, an “artist” could be anyone or in this case, anything, that can create art. AI is broadening the definition of what it means to be an artist.

There is hope for the future as artists should not fret about missing out on opportunities. In fact, artists can learn how to utilize the skills of AI for their own benefit. The creative industry could benefit from these innovations by reducing the time needed to produce designs and perfect a project.

Don’t worry artists, AI will not be replacing you. An AI system is reliant on the help of a human artist for creative ideation.

The examples attached to this article were created using the Midjourney.ai software. The cover photo was made using the prompt “landscape, concept, ruins in an open field, in a mysterious style, perspective, wide angle, realistic, unreal engine –ar 21:9”. While the text may seem random, it is a collection of terms so that the AI can better understand the required aspects needed to create the piece. Utilizing AI as a tool, rather than viewing it as something that can replace the work entirely, can open a new world of possibilities.

Written by Shayleigh - October 6, 2022