August 2, 2017 - Written by Eric


In our last blog, Jennifer talked about the surprising, and amazingly, steady growth of billboard advertising in a digital age… At a closer look, digital outdoor advertising, specifically, is mainly driving this growth and stability. Today’s blog will go deeper into why this emerging medium is fueling our industry and is a more and more popular choice for our advertisers.


Social media and smart phone users are completely reshaping an entire generation of people, altering the very way they process information and view the world. For example, many of us expect instant gratification, as well as immediate connection with topics and people that we find relevant. On the flipside, our personal shared content has more perceived value – a piece of the bigger trend of increasingly highly celebrated individualism, self-reward and empowerment. In the world of advertising, this means that bland branding is a thing of the past, and almost laughable. Your ads better change your target audience’s lives for the better RIGHT NOW , teach them something really important, engage them, or entertain them; for if they don’t, they will be considered irrelevant and tossed aside. “Engagement” is perhaps the most important of these recommendations, and as such, engaging an audience with one’s advertising, should be the goal of every CMO or Director of Marketing. And this isn’t just the latest trendy thing… it’s forever because this is the way that people now interact with their phones, and thus, their worlds.


It’s truly a mobile, interactive, and immediate world, and advertising now needs to really align with these patterns in order to be effective. Digital outdoor advertising does exactly that, partially because messages can change instantaneously where your customers are RIGHT NOW, AND READY TO BUY.


Entrepreneurs have to deal with so much, and often they really just want to tackle advertising once and be done with it, but I hate to break it to you… If you want your advertising to be effective, you’re going to need to change how you approach advertising, and make it a very regular part of your efforts every week, maybe even every day, and possibly every hour.

Written by Eric -August 2, 2017