Size, location, visibility, product type, contract duration,
and quantity of boards purchased at any given time all Impact pricing.

How much does a billboard cost?

Ahhh, we wish it was a simple answer. Answering that is like answering the question, “How much does a house cost?” There are so many variables that go into it.
If what lies at the heart of your question is “Can I afford this?” the answer is yes!

At the end of the day we really encourage you to give us a call. We give you our word that there will be zero pressure, only an intelligent discussion about your needs.
We want you to be able to make an informed decision, without pressure! Billboards done correctly will work…and will return on your investment significantly.

We have hundreds of displays that are under $100 a month

Premier displays in Charlotte, Philadelphia and Harrisburg Metro Markets offer exceptional value with large audience reach and high impressions.

Compared to other media, billboards give you the most exposure for the least cost


Digital offers flexibility and a commands attention with up to 84% recall! LED lights assure that the advertisements will be seen day or night. Kegerreis Outdoor is able to make changes in real time, and all of our digital boards are located along primary arteries. Digital messages can be created to make the most of an advertising campaign, whether by using day-parting or by having messages back to back to enforce a specific message.


Digital offers incredible value, combining flexibility, real-time changes, and relevancy.

Price :from $795/ 4 weeks


Adopted by the Outdoor industry as a standard size, a “poster” is a display face measuring approximately 12’ x 24’ in size. Advertisers can change their copy frequently to address changing market needs or just brand a message over a longer campaign. By far, the largest pool of inventory to choose from.


Collectively, the abundance, unified size, and ultimate reach and frequency capabilities of this product, allows an advertiser to achieve maximum exposure and audience based targeting.

Price :$295-$1395/month

Permanent Bulletins

These bulletins are typically constructed along high traffic arteries, and allow an advertiser to choose a very specific target audience at a key site of their choosing. This type of Outdoor campaign is chosen for its directional benefits or high profile needs. Programs usually run for one year or more.
Bulletin Sizes: 6’x12’, 8’x16’, 8’x24′, 10’x20’, 10’x24’, 10’x40’, 12’x24’, 12’x40’, 12’x50’, 14’x48


A high impact display reaching a targeted audience of confirmed value.

Price :$495-$2200/month


The square combines two posters vertically to create more than 600 square feet of vinyl copy. Squares dramatically improve impact as well as guarantee the exclusivity of the advertiser on the billboard. Squares can be used in both rotary and permanent programs.


This unique offering guarantees your business will be noticed and remembered.

Price :$695-$1195/month

Rotational Bulletins

This unique offering, exclusive to Kegerreis Outdoor, gives customers a classic rotational program, but on a smaller and super affordable scale. The program is set up with a vinyl display that will circulate throughout a defined market every 60-90 days. Review with your account manager the pool of locations to insure that its coverage is well-suited to your geographic needs. The 8 x 12 or 8 x 16 rotational bulletin inventory usually is very flexible, and can be scheduled with your specific audiences and needs in mind.


Fantastic price. Unique coverage in many key local areas

Price :from $249/month

Bus Shelters

These 4 x 8 displays, close to the road, are our most cost effective and affordable way to advertise! With coverage in often, hard-to-reach, residential areas, customers can choose an exact location that ensures they talk to their most ideal target audience. With approximately 2000 bus shelter advertising panels to choose from in PA, MD, NJ, and NY, bus shelter advertising offers great value!


A community-focused approach to marketing, by sponsoring a sanctioned school district/state partnership program, that both protects children, and legitimately addresses your essential advertising needs with a consistent brand image exactly where you want it.

Price :$40-$200/month
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