Answering that is like answering the question, “How much does a house cost?” There are so many variables that go into it. Size, location, visibility, product type, contract duration, and quantity of boards purchased at any given time all affect pricing. If what lies at the heart of your question is “Can I afford this?” the answer is yes!! Billboards are really quite amazingly affordable for such incredible exposure and visibility. Approximately half of our inventory can cost as little as $100 a week!
With pleasure! We would prefer to be involved. The success of your program will depend upon a good design, and we hope you will utilize our resources to their fullest potential. For more than 3 decades Kegerreis has been designing thousands of billboard programs start to finish. And with a full time Creative Director and Marketing Director, as well as a General Sales Manager who has been in the business for nearly 20 years, you’re in good hands.
As with a billboard’s space cost, the production costs can vary greatly. Generally speaking, it can add about 10% to the total campaign. But these costs are one-time instead of monthly rentals. There are 3 types of production: paper, vinyl, and digital. Most traditional programs use vinyl these days. It is considerably more durable, vibrant, and re-usable. Digital is pure art, and just the artist’s time is involved. With paper and vinyl there is the cost of the art design as well as the product itself. When we bill for this, it is shown as one package cost.
We have over 2,700 displays in 7states and 60 counties in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Eastern West Virginia, Northern Virginia, New Jersey, and New York. Please go to the Coverage Maps tab and take a look to see if we match up to your area of interest!
Ah, the million dollar question. Billboards are a very difficult medium to track and creative has virtually EVERYTHING to do with it! We have a library of hundreds of designs and dozens of testimonials that can shed light on the necessary components of a successful billboard program. It works. Period. But like all media, we are one tool in the tool box, and our capabilities and benefits need to be aligned with a media strategy. A sales manager with Kegerreis has one goal, and it is not to sell you a billboard program. It is to listen and discern together with you whether your objectives match up to our offerings. If so, we will employ every resource internally and externally to work on a program that should yield a positive ROI. At our core is a product and medium that only costs $2 for every 1,000 impressions. Given that every other media choice costs 5 to 10 times more for those same 1,000 impressions, choosing Outdoor Advertising is like running a 10 mile race, but starting at the 8 mile mark. We are that much more efficient pound for pound, dollar for dollar.
Our traditional billboard programs require typically a minimum term of 2 months. However, most programs run 6 months to a year for many reasons, the most obvious of which is savings per month per board. Strategy, campaign objectives, and budget are the main factors in determining a campaign length.
Every rotational program begins with a thorough discussion as to all approved areas of rotation. We can always approve a pool of locations from this discussion so there are no “surprises”. Most rotations are similar to buying a vacation timeshare. You know what area you are going to be in, but you will have a mix of value. We charge an average price and the program will deliver a balanced amount of coverage and traffic. We can be as transparent with the plan as you would like us to be. However, the more flexible you are with locations and timetables, often the more aggressive and dynamic your rotation will be. Otherwise, rotations within your pre-approved pool will typically take place every 2 months.
Virtually every long-term program comes with excellent discounts. We greatly value long-term relationships and reward our customers with their commitment. Not only will it provide you a billboard program that comes with the best discount. It will enable us to fully explore all key commuter areas in an area during a program. But another key consideration is your type of business. If you have year round growth goals, a consistent presence during both good times and slow times is consistently recommended by virtually all major advertising and branding studies.
Have you ever stopped at a hotel after seeing a sign on an interstate? Grabbed a $5 foot-long at a Subway after seeing a sign? Checked out a road-side attraction? Or how about this: have you ever tried the latest beverage introduced on a billboard because it looked so tasty and inviting? Whether we consciously perceive it or not, we are wired to act on what we see in advertising, in all its various forms. And while, yes, there are a ton of messages that fail, it’s the message that fails, not the medium. We believe that billboards done correctly never fail.
Often! It’s in our best interest to make you as happy as possible. We always strive to match up your goals with our inventory. However, sometimes demand far outweighs supply in certain key areas. When that happens, we sometimes limit time on certain locations allowing for more advertisers to benefit from these key traffic patterns. General availability, of course, as well, can certainly be a factor. We are a fixed inventory business, like a hotel, and once we have achieved 100% occupancy, we would have to look into a future program.
An excellent question. We need to talk.
It depends on the message. Certain messages are ideal for billboards. Certain messages are not ideal for billboards. Versus other media, typically a billboard program achieves far more overall exposure for the dollar. However, the real issue is strategy. Once you identify a strategy to compete in your marketplace with, aligning this strategy with appropriate media vehicles is essential.
There are 6-10 slots per location, with the most common rotation featuring 8 advertisers on a specific display. You can occupy as many of these as you wish, but the norm is one slot per location, since all digitals are at high traffic locations and if one’s budget allows for more than this, an advertiser typically adds coverage to the program. The slots cycle every 8 seconds, usually, so one slot appears every 64 seconds. The best part of digital is its high reach (up to 82%!) and flexibility! Please go to our Products section of the website!
Monthly space rental and production are typically all the costs you will encounter. Occasionally, special posting requests, extensions (building out a display beyond its customary border), and reflective type surfaces can cause extra fees. Should you also only be interested in a high profile, premier site, a higher space rental rate may apply. We do not typically charge more for any rotational moves.
Hardly!! Billboards are the exact opposite! We’re the most INEXPENSIVE media. But when you book a program that is actively marketing your business not in seconds but IN MONTHS, and not in days, but IN MONTHS, you are inherently purchasing a huge block of visibility and advertising. But at an average of $2 for every 1,000 exposures, it doesn’t get any LESS EXPENSIVE than billboards.
Currently have a billboard or bus shelter on your property? Questions? Email us at  realestate@kegerreis.com