July 13, 2017 - Written by Jennifer


Digital advertising has been getting a lot of attention, both good and bad! (For this blog, digital advertising is defined as any ad viewed in a digital platform/environment.) The good news is that digital advertising surpassed TV advertising spending for the first time last year and continues to project growth including social media ads. The bad news is that reputable companies, such as Facebook for example, (are not reporting reputable metrics. Last September Facebook admitted that it had inflated the time consumers spend watching video advertisements, giving them an unfair competitive advantage over other online platforms. They are still battling lawsuits over inflated video ad metrics. One thing we do know is that while radio, print, and direct mail have been on a continual decline in terms of advertising revenue, the only other media that continues to see growth and has staying power is… you guessed it – out of home (OOH). OOH, often referred to as billboards, continues to maintain strong, steady growth with 28 consecutive quarters, increasing at 4% year-over-year as a matter of fact!

What’s the secret? A few things:

1) Billboards are easy to buy.

2) You KNOW what you are getting. You tell us who you want to reach and where and you can physically see your ad working for you!

3) The outdoor industry uses a third party auditor, GeoPath, who gives creditable measurements on deliverable impressions. Since this isn’t attached to a company but an entire industry, each billboard’s advantages are weighted evenly, giving advertisers an equal playing field when determining which boards are best for their goals.

4) Billboard reach virtually EVERYONE. We CAN target Gender, Age, Race, and Household Income and tell you exactly WHO is seeing your ad within the market. However, just in case you hyper-targeted your ‘target audience’ and missed out on someone needing your product or service because your ad wasn’t delivered to them, a billboard delivers that message to EVERYONE.

5) Digital Billboards – you can’t miss them, right?! J This product allows advertisers to rotate different messages at no extra cost. With its bright LED light, it’s THE most memorable way to advertise among all media, according to a recent independent study performed by Peter J Solomon Company.

Sure, digital advertising makes sense conceptually – billions around the world are connected to the web and to their mobile devices, but what’s not always known is WHO is actually seeing your ad, and is your ad even being delivered to the right audience? When it comes to choosing where you want to spend your advertising dollars, you know what you are getting with billboards! You see it, you know it’s working and you can’t miss it!

Written by Jennifer -July 13, 2017