October 5, 2017 - Written by Becky


Pondering billboard advertising and wondering if you can afford it? You don’t have to burn a hole through your wallet! In my last blog, I talked about the timeless value and old-school vibe of our bus shelter panels – the most affordable of our 6 types of billboards. Now, let’s put the former claim to the test: What kind of businesses are putting their dollars into bus shelter advertising? To find out, we examined Kegerreis’ newest bus shelter acquisition, a territory boasting over 1000 displays in NJ, NY, and PA.

Home heating oil companies are our biggest spender by far, burning just over 23% more annual dollars than our second highest category. Heating is a must for anyone north of the Mason-Dixon, but it’s a task we don’t even want to think about until the first leaves fall. Yet, people who drive or ride by our shelters ARE thinking home heating oil all year long.

That’s the power of a 12-month program, reaching locals on the arteries they travel every day, week and month! Our home heating companies have got it down to a science: Simple product alignment and name recognition, sometimes coupled with promises of price breaks, and a big package of boards if you want to get aggressive. One bus shelter client even reported record-breaking sales during a warm 2015 winter – ask us who!

Coming in respectively at numbers 2 and 3, real estate and insurance agencies utilize our shelters to effectively promote their agents as accessible, helpful members of the community. Deep relationships build and keep business, and besides – who doesn’t love to be recognized from their billboard glamour shot? Yes, our product helps break the ice! Our real estate & insurance agents report they are constantly being approached and asked, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Financial advisors could capitalize from the same strategy.

Furthermore, our top 15 chart is mainly populated by industries pointed towards home improvement, development and upkeep, such as paving, construction, lawn & garden, even garage doors. This is a perfect alignment because many of our shelters are in hard-to-reach residential areas – sometimes with lower impressions, but higher impact with no other signs to distract the eye.

It becomes clear that one of the common threads amongst all these industries is a goal to develop local trust and ties. If you’re looking to build local connections, or strengthen existing ones, and on a budget, bus shelters are for your business. In my next blog, I’ll coach readers through designing the perfect bus shelter ad. Stay tuned!

Written by Becky - October 5, 2017