May 21, 2020 - Written by Eric


I have had the great fortune of being the younger brother of two incredibly disciplined and hard-working brothers. My parents must have done something right because we have all had successful careers and raised good and decent children ourselves.


My one brother (he’s the middle child) holds numerous patents and has been a keynote speaker around the world, often in front of hundreds of people. He’s an adjunct professor, sits on boards, and is deeply involved with schools, volunteering in his work to develop youth in STEM programs. I could go on and on with accolades (all of which he shuns), but the best part about him is he’s MY brother, and a powerful touchstone in my life–grounding me, defining me, challenging me, and calling out my BS.


He was describing to me this morning yet another series of frustrations at the fortune 500 company where he works, and I said to him, “You know, the reality is that you work by a “code of should,” and very few other people do.


I made that term up on the spot (as far as my conscious mind knows), and it resonated powerfully with both he and me, because we instantly knew what this meant.


What is a “Code of Should?”


Simple: It’s doing what you know you should.


It pretty much covers everything…And anyone that seriously reflects upon the implications of this mindset will come away knowing how much work is involved in living or working this way.


The reality is, “should” is an outrageous challenge to one’s core values, beliefs, and actions.


“Should” is an extremely powerful and comprehensive method of exposing one’s fraudulent work ethic, or one’s overwhelmed schedule…


It’s also a litmus test as to one’s legitimacy as a person of integrity with truly intentional living.


My brother is just such a person.


Why am I telling you this story, and describing this code of ethics?


Because it could be your new bright guide in your small business, not to mention, entire life, should you be willing to accept this powerful challenge. Because it would mean all the difference in your personal and professional relationships, the culture you create around you, and you will discover the massive difference between the truth of who you really are, versus the propaganda you tell yourself and others.


I should get more sleep. I should stop yelling. I should finish this project. I should hire better people. I should quit my job. I should work harder. I should put more thought into my advertising. I should reach out to that person. I should be better with my money.


Yeah, a Code of Should is the real deal.


But just imagine what it would mean for you….


No one can possibly pull this off perfectly, or anywhere near total satisfaction… but just a 20% improvement in your “should” will revolutionize your life.


This code made my brother an award-winning inventor, a trusted partner, a trusted friend, a relied upon co-worker… it’s saved his job through dozens of rounds of layoffs in 25 years… it’s made him wealthy…it’s given him a successful family…it’s made him popular and well loved.


What will this code bring you and your business?

Written by Eric - May 21, 2020