Why billboards?

Out-of-Home advertising reaches 80% of consumers on an average day. Reach your customers at the right place and at the right time with Kegerreis Outdoor.

who is your target audience and what’s the most affordable way to reach them?
If you’re like most location based businesses, 80% of your customer base comes from a 10 mile radius. Billboards work best for a business whose advertising messages speak to a broad range of people in specific geographic areas. While TV, Print, or Radio may require you to pay for a coverage area that doesn’t matter to you, billboards can be bought exactly where you want them so you’re not wasting money advertising to unlikely customers. Plus, billboards usually cost 3 to 10 times less for every 1,000 impressions. In other words, billboards give you the power to choose who sees your message and where you want your message seen, allowing your advertising dollars to go further with little waste.

What message will you use to persuade or inform your audience?
Most businesses find their competition is growing and in today’s competitive environment, persuasion and education are vital in any advertising. An effective billboard advertising message not only needs to set you apart from your competitors, but it must teach or persuade very quickly. Some short messages that work well are: “Expo next weekend!” “I’m Bob Smith and I sell insurance” or in this case “Pizza slice for 1 dollar.”

(Cost to receive 1,000 impressions)

Research studies have continually shown that Out-of-Home advertising costs significantly lower than other media.

Broadcast TV
Cable TV
Direct Mail

So, will billboards work for your business?
The answer is yes, if your business has a broad audience in a specific geographic area, and you have the right message.  A billboard with the right message about your business never fails. There will always be thousands of people passing by it every single day! And when compared to most media, the cost to reach the most amount of people that geographically matter to you, billboards are priced the lowest.  So, when you’re ready to put this tremendous value to work for your business, give us a call.  We are confident our marketing, creative, and sales team can craft a powerful and effective campaign for your business!

How many people will see my ad?

With GeoPath OOH Ratings, we can tell you the number of people who ACTUALLY saw your ad as well as WHO they are! Through government traffic counts and eye-tracking technology, which determines what factors most affect a person’s likelihood to notice a billboard, a weekly circulation number is qualified. From there, travel surveys and traffic patterns are applied to reveal where people drive and what out-of-home / billboard advertising they will pass.  The collective findings are represented in weekly impressions.  OOH Ratings can be compared by Markets, Age, Gender, Race, and Household Income.  Find out more here.

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