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Harrisburg’s east shore and west shore digitals were used for various flights.  Flights ranged from 4-16 weeks. Different designs were used for various flights – The Grain + Verse Bottlehouse is used in this example.


“I have many, many options when it comes to using different mediums for advertising our various restaurants or projects.   But one thing has been very clear to me.  Billboards offer us an immediate impact.  Anytime our team sees a dip in sales, or a need to inject new energy into our properties, we know it’s time for another billboard campaign.  When we put up a billboard message, we see an immediate spike in sales, and in general can count on a 10% increase in revenue.  I wholeheartedly believe in the value of billboards, especially the vertical unit on I-83 in Harrisburg.  Thank you for everything your company’s done for us.  I look forward to the next project!”

– Jen Delaye, C.E.O.

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