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Innovative Incorporated


Create and sustain identity while increasing market share.


1 poster in Hagerstown for 4 years. 3 posters were introduced and rotated in new, neighboring market, Martinsburg for 2 years. An additional poster was brought back into Hagerstown for a total of 4 posters for 1 year. Once market share had increased in both Hagerstown and Martinsburg, it was off to a new market- Chambersburg. Keeping at least 1 poster in each market keeps familiarity and sustained brand identity.  


In 2006, five years after I started Innovative Incorporated, my company was a boutique computer and networking operation with a total of 3 employees and approximately 30-40 commercial customers.

Later that year, we made the strategic decision to embark on an aggressive branding and identity campaign. We turned to Kegerreis Outdoor advertising after a lackluster experience with another outdoor advertising firm. We have been with them ever since and I consider their products a permanent entry in our marketing budget.

We are now celebrating our 11th year in business, have 12 employees, and over 300 commercial and 2000 residential customers. I feel very certain that we would not have experienced this level of growth and successful addition to our service offerings had we not pursued billboards with Kegerreis.

Not only has Kegerreis provided a unique product by rotating our boards throughout the two cities we have advertised in, their staff have also been a tremendous resource to us along the way.

I’d highly recommend them to any business that is serious about growth, increased market share, and effective advertising strategies.”

– Jason L. Rappaport President Innovative Incorporated

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