Kegerreis Outdoor Advertising’s core mission is to help businesses succeed and improve the lives of those living in the community, which is how Project Elevate evolved. Project Elevate is a pro bono campaign utilizing open billboard space that allows us to partner with other organizations for a common purpose – lifting the lives of others. It too, must showcase the capability of a billboard’s impact.

2015 – “Uplift & Share”


Kegerreis uses Word Art to communicate positive messages on billboards throughout Franklin County. These uplifting messages were hand selected by Kegerreis’ marketing and creative team to provide encouragement, inspiration, triumph, and to give hope that each of our lives can be improved. Kegerreis’ goal is to help spread positive thinking and promote self-worth within the community. These messages will be shared on social media via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as Kegerreis’ digital billboards. We will also give others a chance to share their favorite quote on a billboard!
Here’s your chance to be on a billboard!

1. Post your favorite inspiring (and brief) quote to our Facebook page using #ProjectElevate
2. Attach a selfie (optional)
3. See your efforts up on the big screen!

Kegerreis will continue sharing appropriate quotes to display on the digital billboards in Chambersburg during January and February.
Start Uplifting & Sharing!

Facebook: facebook.com/KegerreisBillboards
Instagram: instagram.com/kegerreis_outdoor
Twitter: twitter.com/KegerreisOOH
Inquire about #ProjectElevate at [email protected]



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